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  • Where Can I Find The Aelius LED Spec Sheets?
    All of our spec sheets can be found on our website on the products page.
  • What distance should my led be from the canopy?
    You can find downloadable PAR map for your specific model at . This gives you a rough idea of the PAR at given distances. PAR requirements vary dramatically depending on cultivar, stage of life and other environmental factors – so everyone’s results will vary. We say – as a general rule – that you should start plants at a greater distance from the light and let the plants “grow into” the light. Using a PAR meter is the best way to understand what light levels produce the best results for your set up.
  • Can I dim my Aelius LED?
    Yes, Aelius LEDs come with 0-10V dimmers. Aelius LED also now offers controllers that can daisy chain up to 25 lights, control dimming, on/off schedule as well as sunrise/sunset timing. These controllers are included on orders over 4 fixtures, and are an optional upgrade for smaller orders. Contact us for more details.
  • What Plugs-ends are available through Aelius LED?
    The following plug end options are available for majority of our fixtures, for specifics by light type please visit
  • How do I enroll in an Aelius LED Trial?
    For more details on our commercial trials you can visit If you are not a commercial operation you can learn more about our money back guarentee here:
  • Can I customize the spectrum of my Aelius LED?
    At this time no Aelius LED fixtures are customizable, they come perfect just as is! You can contact us to identify the perfect fit for you.
  • How many LEDs can I Daisy Chain per dimmer?
    You can daisy chain up to 3 LEDs per manual dimmer, if you are planning to chain more than 3 fixtures it is reccomended that you use the controller that will control up to 25 fixtures.
  • Are dimmers included in my purchase?
    Yes, Aelius LEDs come with 0-10V dimmers. Aelius LED also now offers controllers that can daisy chain up to 25 lights, control dimming, on/off schedule as well as sunrise/sunset timing. These controllers are included on orders over 4 fixtures, and are an optional upgrade for smaller orders.
  • Are Aelius LEDs certified?
    Aelius LED products are fully certified for most countries around the world. Certifications may include one, or a combination of, the following; CE, cETLus, UL and DLC.
  • Do Aelius LED’s come with a warranty?
    Yes! We pride ourselves in our quality fixtures - anything less simply wont do! your fixtrures are protected under a 5 year warranty. Details can be found here:
  • What happens if I want to upgrade my spectrum?
    We are always working to upgrade our spectrums and housings to optimize your growing experience. If you are an existing Aelius customer looking to upgrade, visit to learn more about our trade up program.
  • Can I open up the housing on my Aelius LED?
    Fortunately for you, we have a tech team that is able to talk you though troubleshooting your LED should you have any issues. However, our LEDs are not servicable by the customer and opening up your fixture would void your warranty.
  • What is a Remote Mount Driver?
    A driver that is not attached to the fixture, that can be mounted on the ceiling of the grow space or outside the grow space if preferred. (There are certain limitations with extending the DC cable run to mount the drivers outside of the grow space – please discuss with an Aelius team member for custom solutions.)
  • Can I get a longer cord or cable extension for my grow space?
    Yes, our extensions come in two sizes; 2m & 3.75m
  • How much heat do Aelius LEDs produce?
    Not much heat at all! Our fixtures get about as hot as a warm cup-o-joe. If you need specific BTU/h heat gain numbers for a commercial facility, contact our team for a lighting and heat load plan.
  • Can I use Aelius LEDs for supplemental lighting in a greenhouse?
    Yes, contact us for a customized lighting plan to suit your PAR and DLI requirements.
  • Do you ship to the USA and/or globally?
    Absolutely– please contact us for more accurate pricing in your country.
  • I have questions about growing with Aelius LEDs – who do I ask?
    Although the Aelius team is very knowledgeable and always happy to help, the Aelius FAM forum is a great place to talk to like-minded growers with experience under Aelius LEDs, ask for tips and tricks, and show off your hobby/profession/medicine.
  • Does Aelius LED offer financing?
    Aelius LED is dedicated to providing quality products to cultivators of all sizes. Financing has now made quality purchases more affordable for medical growers and small cultivation facilities. Due to a 50% down payment Aelius is able to offer low interest rates & 100% approval rates for smaller light packages. For more information or to apply please visit:
  • Can I Order over 10 LEDs online?
    Yes, however we do encourage you connect with our sales team, as we offer custom lighting plans, commercial trials & possible quantity savings.
  • Do you accept Credit Cards?
    Yes, we accept all major credit cards and also partner with PayPal.
  • Where can you ship your LEDs?
    Aelius LED ships worldwide from our Canadian facility. Contact us for specifics regarding your location.
  • Can I order just one LED online?
    Yes, you can. Just be sure to talk with the Aelius team to determine if just one LED will meet your needs.
  • What is the Money Back Guarentee?
    The Money Back Guarentee is our way of standing behind our premium product! More details can be found here:
  • How do I enroll in the Aelius Rewards Program?
    You can learn all about the rewards program here:
  • Can you provide me with an Invoice for my order?
    Absolutely, we can provide any proof of purchase needed. When you order online you will recieve a copy of your order to your inbox.
  • Do you accept debit?
    We can currently accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard & American Express), Visa Debit, PayPal, cash and bank transfers.
  • Do you accept bit-coin?
    Not yet - we are working on this possibility - stay tuned!
  • There is an error with my card, who do I call?"
    GHOSTBUSTERS! …JK – our sales team is always happy to help. (844) 472-3389
  • Do you sell to the USA?
    Absolutely we do! Contact us to get started!
  • Can I purchase in USD?
    Yes, however at the moment you must use PayPal to pay in USD, otherwise you will receive an error in check out. Other options can be made for invoiced large scale orders.
  • Can I place a custom order online?
    Contact us first, we will customize and invoice for you to purchase through the web portal. Should you have a minor request, you can include your specifics in notes upon checkout.
  • Why did the price of my light change?
    In order to keep prices as low as possible, Aelius LED prices may fluctuate, where the cost may go up or down from time to time depending on variables like USD/CAD exchange rate, sea & air freight rates, as well as commodity prices. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this.
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