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MATRX 420- No Longer Available Online



Perfect for vertical vegetative applications, the Aelius Matrx 420 boasts subtle metal heat sinks, a sleek bare aluminum design, and remote mount Meanwell drivers. Recommended for close-quarters growing, the Matrx 420 is sure to set your canopy apart. Four evenly spaced light bars ensure full coverage without overwhelming your maturing plants.




Many growers look for a well-rounded, full-cycle led grow light that is easy on the eyes to work under, yet still provides excellent growth characteristics and efficacy. All that and more can be found in this Matrx 420 spectrum.



MATRX 420- No Longer Available Online

1 056,00C$Prix
  • 12 Week Money Back Guarentee

    We understand operating with LED Lighting is still rather new to most indoor growers. This is why we’re offering a 12-week risk-free trial period. A Maximum of 4 Aelius 300s, 2 Aelius 600s or 1 Matrx Series will be allowed for this trial period. If after 12 weeks you decide these aren’t the best lights you’ve ever used, simply call us for a hassle-free return and refund. Return shipping can be arranged through one of our carriers or by yourself. The purchase price plus all applicable taxes, excluding shipping, will be reimbursed once the lights have been returned to our head office and inspected by our quality control department for excessive wear or damages.